William Jolliffe is a widely travelled photographer and has worked as a charity volunteer in Zimbabwe, Romania and Calcutta, India.He has made photographic trips to Uruguay, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Madagascar and South Africa.

"I specialise in portrait pictures. I also have a fascination for architectural, still life and landscape subjects.

My photography is an intuitive process. I try to place myself so as to explore all facets, be they the statues on a building or the spontaneous interaction between parent and child.

Timing is vital, capturing that moment of truth, be it between subject and camera or among couples and groups.

I seek to discover the inner beauty of inanimate objects (such as the Taj Mahal) and to create an artistically satisfying result. So, I set a lot of store by the objective and formal considerations of viewpoint, placement and composition in photography.

My approach to photography is influenced by my having the gift of Aspergers syndrome: that is, my brain and nervous system function somewhat differently to the norm. (Some may regard this as an obstacle), but as a child, I was irritated by photos leaving off parts of heads, and I grew up trying to channel my artistic sensitivity so as to create a beautiful, polished result.

In short, the desire for logical perfection natural to neurodiversity channels my artistic talent to create logically satisfying results.

For more information about Asperger’s Syndrome & neuro diversity please visit :


and also: http://www.nas.org.uk/

William also offers professional translation of Spanish and Romanian texts into English via TraductorUk